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Jerzy Mazzoll feat. Tomasz Sroczyński

Rite of spring variation

55 | 2013

Improvised variations on the "Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky. An innovative and abstract look at the famous Russian ballet by the Mazzoll / Sroczyński duo.

Jerzy Mazzoll is the initiator of the Mazzolleum Contemporary Improvisation Workshop, the first installment of which was the collaboration with the violinist Tomasz Sroczyński. Artists fascinated by Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" recorded variations on the famous ballet on Radio Gdańsk. As a result, eleven improvised compositions for bass clarinet and violin were created, which put back into motion the epochal work of the Russian composer.

"The Rite of Spring as interpreted by Mazzoll and Sroczyński consciously differs from the original. Stravinsky's work transformed by the ideas of Arhytmic Perfection and written for just two instruments, most importantly, has lost none of its powerful emotional load. It is still music with an incredibly strong dose of anxiety. The variations of the artists were finally divided into eleven thematic sequences, each of which bears the title of the book "Igor Stravinsky: Chronicles of my life." Comparing the musical theses of Stravinsky with the performance of Polish artists is an intellectually stimulating added value for the music itself, which with its intensity makes me closely follow every, even the tiniest, volt. "
Krzysztof Wójcik [in:]

The album uses the concept of Mazzoll Arhytmic Perfection, which assumes the existence of a musical ideal that can be perfectly "recreated", but it must be stated that apart from such performance, there is an infinite number of "mistakes", ie the possibility of performing a given piece, assuming an error as an integral part of the composition. It is a musical idea resulting from the perfect knowledge of the "ideal" and conscious use, shifts, mistakes, errors. The concept, to which Mazzoll remains faithful almost throughout all of his career, appears not so much as a variation on randomness in art, but as assuming the possibility of its other face - perfection in imperfection, untamed by order.



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