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Eugeniusz Rudnik



Ecstatic rhythms, constructed in the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio since 1959.

Eugeniusz Rudnik's life fascination was with machines and all types of mechanisms - those working efficiently and discreetly, but maybe even more those who suffered defects, damage, but still work, producing unusual, hypnotic sounds. From 1959, the artist constructed sound structures in the studio depicting broken toys, modes, gears, gears, pistons, pumps, hammers and turbines, sometimes mutilated, devastated, and sometimes boiling with energy and humor. These creations fall into ecstatic rhythms, throwing the listener into a trance, idyll, slaughterhouse, lullaby or massacre. Rudnik's machines are humanized sound objects, they have features of living and feeling organisms, wanting to be accepted and heard in the chaos of the world.

Bolesław Błaszczyk



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