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Wojciech Błażejczyk

Trash Music

171 | OPUS 20 | 2018

Wojciech Błażejczyk's second monographic album, containing 3 compositions for acoustic instruments, vocals, electronics and objectophones - everyday use objects (such as a clothes dryer, lamp, egg chopper, front from the Junkers stove), whose sound is processed live. The lyrics are compilations of content taken from the mass media - websites and forums, newspapers, advertisements, as well as Facebook and inscriptions on the walls of buildings. Trash Music is a song about the mania for collecting things and overproducing junk content in the media, made on junk instruments. #NetworkMusic is based on the mechanisms of the internet network and threats related to the use of social networks. Warsaw Music is a song about contemporary Warsaw, using live processed sounds of the city. All in an excellent performance of the Hashtag Ensemble and guests (Maciej Frąckiewicz, Magdalena Bojanowicz, Sonofrenia).



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