Requiem Records is a label promoting electronic, ambient and postindustrial music for 20 years already. The music we release is full of subtlety and mystery, it is archaic, but created by means of modern instruments, it is indefinable. Requiem does not base on mutual admiration correlations, and often, as the only one in Poland, enables unknown artist to present and promote. It confirms that so-called "underground" involves valuable musicians who have no reason to be ashamed confronting mainstream composers.






legendarne ząbki
requiem rec 44/2011
archive series

Damaged, cut up jazz, free clean energy eruptions, quotations from music Renaissance, references to contemporary classics, parodies. Effects of creative trance of a group led by Alka (Praffdata), Blaszczyk (MoCart Cabaret Group, Murdered Cheesecake Soon Illegal, MM Group) and Wojciula (Roses of Europe, Rigid Asia Stake).


N52o 39’ 53.0278’’ E19o 2’ 24.091
requiem rec 42/2011
archive series

An absolute must for all fans of industrial music.
CD presents three groups gathered around WAT publishing from Wloclawek. Np.WAT – music theater in a spirit of The Residents. Marchlewski - Polish industrial precursor, from which Kinsky was created. 27-29 - trance postindustrial, based on grooves terminating vinyl records, their loopings and manipulations.

Published in a form of 60-pages book. 


requiem rec 41/2011
archive series

Cross-sectional record of this very interesting group, led by Dariusz Krzywański , with whom Katarzyna Nosowska began her career. 

Part One (1982-1986) presents the great beginnings of recording activity. Definitely a greeting to a direction of experiments close to Throbbing Gristle. Yet, this is not an aggressive, biting or noisy music. The artist in a continuous search, took care of melody, arrangement tastes and traditional composition. A multitude of ideas as in recordings from 30 years ago. 

Second record (1989-1992) is already a designated trail. Cool-wave atmosphere mixed with a heavy rhythm of drum machines. Powerful bass interacts here with ambient, which oscillates between sequential electronics and industrial. Lyricism and form of expression in texts gives a specific character to the whole. 

This is a must for every self-respecting music in search lover, mixed with a pinch of the best achievements of the late gothic scene of 80/90.


requiem rec 40/2011

“Fujarki” (“Fifes”) is intended to rely on the sound of wind instruments, which carries us into the world of enchanting lyricism. Subcutaneously pulsating enormous energy finds an outlet in a disciplined, extremely tasteful compositions. The dynamic combination of imagination straight from the world of minimal music of Steve Reich, but also atmospheric records of Coil.


 almost dead celebrities
 requiem rec 39/2011

cd | ekopak | 30 min

A hard, thick and intense electronic backing, unconventional, live drummer's performance, interesting vocal, ranging over a wide scale and different styles. It's highly ambitious music, going beyond the pleasure of playing together.  


 requiem rec 38/2011
 archive series

cd | ekopak | 48 min

Something for pigeonholing fans, a forgotten band – Dusseldorf. They were industrial electroromantics, sympatizing with new wave, making music over two decades ago. Sullen, inspired poetics of their lyrics – filled with industry and noise apotheosis, makes the album full of great lirism. It seems soft industrial had its exponents in Poland and it is never too late for such intriguing discoveries...

Dlaczego | Deutschland Punk Bass | Krolewska Huta


 death trip
 requiem rec 37/2011

cd | ekopak | 37 min

Death Trip is full of dark drone sounds, pouring noise and dark tasteful harmonies. The music emotilonally moves between the electrifing tensions and mixes with feeleing of an sensitive underskin shot so one can feel like being caught in a pre-death trap.

Do You Love Me? | WKU | Death Trip 1 


 busso de la lune 
 requiem rec 36/2011

cd | ekopak | 76 min

Some pieces the album features are close to tribal, some other bring to mind 4AD productions. You are dragged into the hypnotic landscape, filled with catharis, through its false mirror. Unexpected tones and coloures or rather tastes of sounds make that music unlikely to be fed up with.

Oblivion | On air | Creepy shadows


 requiem rec 35/2011

cd | ekopak | 45 min

Music in crudo. Placed in boxes, filed in piles, prisms of rippling little things. New entertainment. Persistent twists and turns of the mouth-organ resonate with archaic electronic sounds, totally recomposed phrase with shreded speech. Harsh, genuine beauty. 

03. | 04. | 08.


 pieśni masowe na zespół świetlicowy
 requiem rec 34/2011
 archive series

cd | ekopak | 62 min

Start the weekend at GDR (German Democratic Republic) - like discotheque, get to know the archives, go back in time to see things that are seemingly gone. You'll get cought within the prop-pop and Stasi Kunst sphere by those veterans of the constabulary industrial. You'll be brainwashed in a pouring rain of pulsating, uncontrollable soc-disco. You'll be used as a dancing, fainting dummy and be taken for your last ride in a wartburg's boot. 


 first human ferro
 homo shargey
 new nihilism, triangle, requiem rec 33/2011

cd | 74 min

Ukrainian First Human Ferro project led by Olegh Kolyada pays a long overdue tribute to its compatriot composing a wellcrafted vintage dark ambient album with both poignant and mesmerizing layers of sidereal voyage.

Moon Route | The Open Book | Dark Matter


 from black mountain to the sea
 requiem rec 32/2008

cd | 52 min

The idea for the record From black mountain to the sea /Muzyka dla domu (Music for the home) it is an attempt to place the contemporary emerging electronic music into the rhythm and life of homes. Muzyka dla domu (Music for the home) is inspired by the ideas of Eric Satie Musique d 'ameublement from the beginning of the 20th century. promomix


 HATI vs. LAL 
 the journey like never before...
 requiem rec 31/2008

cd | 44 min

The clash of HATI's acoustic explorations with avant-garde, rhythmical electronica signed by LAL (2nd Hand Beatnix, The Witcher). It's one of the most electronically sounding projects ever done by HATI, which – as a band focused on playing live – uses mainly acoustic instruments. The mood of music changes from ambient, meditation and transcendence to experiment and rhythmical madness. promomix


 jesienne odcienie melancholii
 requiem rec 30/2007

cd | 45 min

Solo debut of Antonii Budziński, lead gitar in Saluminesia from Sopot. Spatial guitars and silent vocal interact with ambient electronics and rough rythm of drum machine. Recommended not only to the Slowdive lovers. promomix


 The Magic Carpathians 
 & Lechistan's Electric Chair 
 Marek Styczyński cyber totem
 requiem rec 29/2007

cd | 48 min

Cybertotem is a solo project of Marek Styczynski (ex Atman, The Magic Carpathians & Lechistan’s Electric Chair) that shows fruits of a few years of sonic studio experimentations, travelling and studying the ritual music of Carpathians and Balkans.


 sleep well chapter III
 compilation of the electronic bits
 requiem rec 28/2007

cd | 67 min

Quirky vision of music after 10 PM that shows attractiveness and commercial potential of cutting edge electronics.


 sonic journey through new life
 requiem rec 27/2006

cd | 40 min

Music inspired by the birth of new life. Audible influences of minimal music and the electro-acoustic school of noise generation. All of this is typically atmospheric for Spika and, while there are some pulsating moments, the listener is relocated to a distant and forgotten world, but familiar to all of us.


 capitan commodore
 disco polo
 requiem rec 26/2006

cdr 45 min

This project was born out of fascination with 8-bit computer's sounds, especially the whine of a program being loaded from tape. "Disco Polo" blends youthful fascinations with classic disco (Mili Vanili, Eurobeat), punky energy (Peaches) and synth-driven electro (Kraftwerk) in a tongue-in-cheek manner. From the very beginning this record won't give you a moment to catch a breath, transporting you back to the 80s without loosing a modern dancefloor feeling.


 banabila – monoscope
 live mix
 requiem rec 25/2006

cdr / dvdr | 51 min | dvd case

Is a newly mixed cd of the concert recording which took place during the MPM Ambient festival in Gorlice, Poland (2005). Enjoy the organic flavor of analogue sounds whirled with digital texture that evolves from rustles, surrounding sounds, drones to melody. The second disc is DVD made by the Polish video performance and multimedia artist – Monoscope.


 karol schwarz all stars
 greatest hits
 requiem rec 24/2005

cdr 49 min

The band follows the path of krautrockish, trance inducing beats, minimal music, deep dub pulse and enigmatic murmurs (Tortoise, Mogwai). Country/blues songwriting goes hand in hand with such distant stylistics as new electronica, musique concrete or ubiquitous joyful experiment (The Residents).


 different state
 more than music
 requiem rec 23/2005

cdr 45 min | dvd case

This is the latest album of Poles from the U.S. very personal with sentimental spleen. Narcotic trance, sonic magic full of references to explosive mixture of trip hop, new wave, illbient and postindustrial. A steamroller of heavy rythm and strong base – fusion of new sounds with experimental acoustics.


 voice tract – droga głosu
 requiem rec 22/2005

cdr 70 min | dvd case

This is a new album of the legendary Polish EBM band, inspired by the research on speech synthesis from 20s and 30s of the last century. Unique and stretchy structure (resembling Pan Sonic) with a hint of post industrial and minimalistic ambient plus a finishing made of the special vocal effects.


 piloty 2
 requiem rec 21/2005

cdr 50 min| dvd case

Style close to that of the Morr Music performers (e.g. Lali Puna, Isan). Includes modern, subtle and charming instrumental electronics. Cocky in places, scratchy and full of rock expression. The music intruigues through its melody and sound, sometimes it even gets nostalgic, especially its lirycs do.


 konrad kucz
 archival recordings 1989-2004
 requiem rec 20/2004

2 x cdr 66/78 min | dvd case

Double album covering almost 20 years of music created by Kucz. Begginning with contemplating reflection, gathering momentum (A. Badalamenti...), through classic hints (K. Schulze) to dark and heavy modern structures (The Residents...) and towards the sounds of Futro, the best known band created by Konrad.


 remote spaces
 requiem rec 19/2004

cdr 60 min | dvd case

One of the most significant Polish electronic groups existing already for over a decade. They pace up their own path since the very beginning, improving and polishing the vibes of Berlin school (Tangerine Dream, K. Schulze). Their most recent album, however, is full of surprises...


 the vein
 the fragile surfaces
 requiem rec 18/2004

cdr 48 min | dvd case

Strong, stepping loops, base percussion sequences with wide ambient landscapes stack inbetween, noisy distortions, pulsating sounds on the verge of tribal dance (B. Laswell, Scorn, Different State). Very hipnotic and trance inducing on the whole.


 busso de la lune
 around borderline
 requiem rec 17/2004

cdr 69 min | dvd case

Two coexisting and dependent worlds. First being tasteful, warm, with abstract ambient of various murmurs, whispers with tone of guitar and piano melodies (H. Czukay, Art Zoyd). Second based within, disturbed, full of melancholy and industrial chill, imprinting imaginary pictures (Legendary Pink Dots).


 małe światy
 requiem rec 16/2004

cdr 33 min | dvd case

Floating sounds of coctail easy-listening, retro combination of sensual delicacy quite often on the edge of tackiness. Pretty compositions connecting hip-hop beats with triphop-ambient, jazz melodies as well as bues (Noon, Dj shadow, Herbaliser...)


 electronic music
 requiem rec 15/2004

cdr 69 min | dvd case

A masterful album released by the organizer of the International Musical Presentations - Ambient (Gorlice). Aquavoice defines its own vision of ambient (it is not far from "Fires of Ork", "Insomnia" - Biosphere). The music shows the deep space and rhythmical electronics.


 maciej staniecki
 to co nieokreślone
 requiem rec 14/2004

cdr 55 min

The artist created an unique combination of trip-trop and rock sounds side by side with warm and ambient electronics (B.Eno...). The first album isn't quite as rhythmical as this one ("Journeys and films"). Many pieces includes classical arrangements.


 human error
 tajemnice ludzkiej dłoni 
 requiem rec 13/2003

cdr 58 min

Misty drones and illustrations, vibrations of techno-dub and new electronica. Pulsating paints, understated aura, sounds of surroundings and remains of postindustrial. Noticeable inspirations of Boards Of Canada, Future Sound Of London, Biosphere.


 musli 24
 musli chapter I
 requiem rec 12/2003

2 x cdr 66/63 min
An album presenting accomplishments of the younger generation (age up to 24) of performers of broadly understood electronica. A mixture of ambient, breakbeat, dance, darkwave, downtempo, brum'n'bass, dub, industrial, lounge, nujazz… 26 performers on two CDs.


 12 miniatures
 requiem rec 11/2003

cdr 30 min

A dose of elegant, sophisticated lounge tones. Fusion of film themes, jazz tradition of the 50s with modern arrangement of rhythm, melody. 12 miniatures reveal a dainty dose for those who are eager for tasty pastels and a bit faded musical past, the times of the "King".


 different state
 hidden sounds of magnetic field
 requiem rec 10/2003

cdr 58 min

A conceptual album of Poles living in the USA. Sonic magic full of references to explosive mixture of trip hop, new wave, illbient and postindustrial. Noticeable echoes of Coil, Current 93, Scorn.


 requiem rec 9/2003
 a limited series of 100 albums

sold out

Spika (former Ptah) renders the spirit of a journey into the depths of the oceans. Calm and quiet atmosphere. Drama of old, black and white war films. Style comparable to Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works… 


 konrad kucz
 requiem rec 8/2003

cdr 64 min

64 minutes of walking through forests, woods and meadows. You will hear sounds of bison, deer, crickets… In your hike you will be accompanied by tones of Berlin school (Namlook, Biosphere) and pastel landscapes (B. Eno, R. Rich).


 sleep well chapter II
 compilation of the ambient bits
 requiem rec 7/2003 

cdr 64 min

The 2nd part of the compilation, presenting compositions of artists such as Diakof, Nubee Former, Nushee, Drwal Presents Down, Eta Carinae, Klake, Soja, Ucho, Cabaret, Mr. S, Antybiotix, Ftp Community, Human Error, C. H. District.


 human error
 battery farm
 requiem rec 6/2002

cdr 45 min

The mood of these compositions from the bounds of dreams transfers smoothly into trance rhythms and lines of synthesizers, so as to finally change into sounds collected from the street. It remains some kind of a soundtrack to a film happening in the future… It is a compilation of Future Sound Of London style with The Orb… 


 polish backgrounds
 requiem rec 5/2002

cdr 46 min

A black and white picture of a Polish city. These backgrounds, tones and rhythms are so charming that all of the compositions might become peculiar hits. Each of them is memorable. Extremely warm music, perfectly compounding electronic and acoustic music (violin). Based on hip-hop beat… 


 busso de la lune
 race against time
 requiem rec 4/2002

cdr 70 min

A really deep album, immersed in warm tones. A winsome journey through the underwater faint scenery, yet remaining strongly physical communing with nature. Influence of masters (Rapoon, B. Eno, Biosphere, Lustmord)… 


 sleep well chapter I
 compilation of the ambient bits
 requiem rec 3/2002 

cdr 60 min

A compilation including pieces of such performers as: Sing, Sing Penelope, Bexa Lala, Końca Taniec, Jerzy Korzeń, Przemek Thiele and Joanna Prykowska, Human Input, Maciej Staniecki, Rosengarden, Selene Aqva Dvctae, Busso De La Lune, Where The Soil Is Closer Than The Sky.


 maciej staniecki
 podróże i filmy 
 requiem rec 2/2002 

cdr 50 min

Maciej is a former member of Hedone and Nemezis, as well as a composer of film music. This album contains nearly 50 minutes of beautiful soothing music. It is ambient comparable to the works of B. Eno or D. Sylvian. RECOMMENDED!


 iz-za 7
 requiem rec 1/1998
 a limited series of 100 albums

sold out

Music rather distant from the actual style of Nemezis. This release presents remains of a melody plaited deeply into constantly expanding rhythms and loops. A collective work of the then Nemezis with addition of Końca Taniec's music. It is a peculiar fusion of Nurse With Wound and Future Sound Of London…



 końca taniec
 RPR: 2

cdr 50 min
re-release of the tape published in 1995 in the number of 80 albums

The group was formed about 1990. With the support of electronica, bass, drums they were creating narrow or wide corridors of sounds, full of multidimensional levels and expression in the form of the rhythm, trans and hum. A very innovative record as for the 90s.


 de notre dame
 sp / desert
 RPR: 3

3" cdr 21 min
re-release of the tape published in 1995 in the number of 60 albums

Re-release enriched by two previously unreleased tracks. The style remaining accomplishments of Ataraxia, Raison D'Etre, Dead Can Dance.


 końca taniec
 święty spokój, beton i lód
 RPR: 6

cdr 50 min
re-release of the tape published in 1997 in the number of 80 albums

The 2nd album and similar procedure. A big step towards Modern Electronic Music. Heavy and arduous beats alternately with electronic backgrounds and distinguishing tones. 


 RPR: 9

2 x cdr 50 min
re-release of the tapes (metal box) published in 1997 in the number of 80 albums

A selection of pieces performed by groups featuring Tomasz Twardawa (ZILLCH, ŁADNE KWAITKI, GODZILLA or GENETIC TRANSMISSION) in the 80s and 90s. Mastership of the genre - industrial. TKT means factories and mines…


 syndrom 4737
 RPR: 10

cdr 50 min
re-release of the tape published in 1998 in the number of 80 albums

Works of a former Nemezis member. Postindustrial, noise, ambient. One of the pieces was recorded 80 meters underground in post German bunkers near Gorzów Wielkopolski. For admirers of Lustmord and the like…


 nemezis / kalinovsky & marchoff
 split: NEMEZIS - koncert ostrów / K&M
 RPR: 17

cdr 50 min
re-release of the tape published in 1997 in the number of 100 albums

Live recording of concert in Klub Olimpijska in Ostrów Wielkopolski, 22 June 1997. Improvisational meditation subliming industrial to ambient…

Kalinovsky & Marchoff - ambient dirtied with postindustrial roughness and unrestrained electronic saturated with dub/hip-hop pulse…


 city songs
 The most unusual  project on Polish music  market! A series  introducing accomplishments of Polish electronic.


 musli 24
 A new series from  Requiem. An album  presenting  achievements of the younger generation (age up to 24) of performers of broadly understood electronic. Musli 24 is to acquaint the wider auditory with the way young people create, think and perceive music… The release is divided into two parts: bright and dark. 


 sleep well
 A series of records  intending to rock to  sleep. A project of  "music after 10pm". On one hand romantic mood and backgrounds, on the other one - a bit of darkness to keep equilibrium… Ambient, soundtracks, calm electronica and trips. The release confirms that so-called "underground" involves valuable artists who have no reason to be ashamed confronting mainstream composers.



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